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Milling machine
Milling machine

PVC Milling Machine

WDJ high-speed vortex multi-purpose milling machine



For fine milling process in plastics, mining, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, especially for milling thermoplastic PVC, PE plastic pellets. As plastic products manufacturer improved, by adding 20% -30% milling power into the processing formula , the chemical and physical properties of the products remains the standard of new materials products, which can reduce the production cost for the plastic products manufacturer .


Technical data:

Model WDJ-390 WDJ-500
Rotor diameter (mm) 390 500
Motor power (KW) 30 37
Host speed (r/min) 3400-3700 3400-3800
Grinding fineness (mesh) 60120 60120
Capacity (KG/H) 100200 200300
Weight (KG) 1000 1500
Dimension 125015001530mm 125015001530mm


PE Milling Machine

MF series milling machines



MF series of milling equipment is the most advanced powder processing equipment for chemical industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, raw materials, manufacturing, etc, which helps the manufacturer to reduce costs and save expenditure.


Product features:

1, compact design, small size

2, low power consumption, high capacity

3, simple operation, blades clearance adopts manual adjustment to control the powder size easily

4, blade is easy to replace, also can be repeatedly grind and re-use

5, the host has a wind, water cycle cooling system


Technical data:

Model MF38 MF61 MF80
Chassis diameter 380mm 610mm 800mm
Motor power 22-37kw 37-75kw 55-110kw
Blower 11kw 11kw 11kw
Vibration motor 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Closing blower motor 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Capacity (kg/h) 150 250-500 400-700
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