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City garbage & tray
City garbage & tray

In our daily life, there are so may waste that cannot be fully used, which also causes environmental pollution in result of the traditional treatment: landfill and incineration. So, what can we do with city waste recycling? How can we make full use of it?
As reported, standardized pallet utilization rate in Australia is 95%, US 55%, Europe 70%, Japan 35%, Korea is about 27%. In the United States, Japan, the pallet is a huge industry which government will promote to improve the transport economy. But the usage of Chinese standardized pallet still has a long way to go.
Plastic pallets has been widely used in developed countries, and it has enormous potential for future development, although this palletí»s investment cost is relatively large, but with the advantage of strength, recyclable, long life (available 6-7 years), this industry is profitable in future.
We, LianGuan, on the base of our over 30 years city waste recycling experience, have developed a complete recycling material to composite pallet production system, which use the recycle material to make composite plastic pallets.

City Waste Sorting System---Here follows our project in Malaysia

2400T hydraulic machine and robots:

Composite Pallet:

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