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EPS hot melting machine
EPS hot melting machine

EPS hot melting machine

In recent years, Recycling of waste plastic regeneration in the ascendant. The EPS’s Wide use in the packaging industry , but it is bulky and difficult to transport,Lead to the rapid development of the waste plastic recycling machinery. With the tenet of reducing the pollution caused by waste plastic and improving human being’s living environments, with the difficulties of no domestic standard and reference data and focusing on the diversity and specialty of waste plastics, LIANGUAN RECYCLING developed the new style waste compactor successfully and formed her own feature in the field of waste plastic recycling, after numerous and continuous tests and researches. In order to avoid the secondary pollution to the water and environments made by the recycling machines, LIANGUAN RECYCLING organized research personnel again to solve this technical problem and realized the upgrade of the waste plastic recycling machines with the guiding ideology of reducing secondary pollution. EPS hot melting machine is High-performance, space saving, easy to transport the finished produce. The operation is pollution-free, can protect the environment, and avoid the secondary pollution. Complete reuse the waste plastic and create interest.

Working Principle

EPS hot melting machine HM 200 use single shaft crushing blades, eight pieces of the blades fix on the shaft, the blade on the blade shafts is dislocation arrangement, and the blade is evenly arranged in the axis of the knife with arithmetic point of view in the same direction.

When the crushing blades are working, after going through the cutting blade , and broken into smaller blocks of matter.

The material will been sent by the high speed rotary screw to the heating barrel. The screw of the main machine can convey and heat the material to melt condition, then extrude them and hydraulic blade cut them to pieces for easy storage and transportation.

Applications and place to use:

EPS hot melting machine can process multiple materials such as EPS EPP EPE XPS PUR EVA into small hot melted blocks. As it is small capacity one, the machine is in lower price, easy to move and machine is in a small size, especially used in super market, schools, hospitals, small-sized warehouse, retail stores, and seafood markets.

Introduction for the HM 200 hot melting machinery

This is our smallest machine, which is in small size, low noise, easy to control, also very convenient to maintance.

This machine separate into three parts,


2,Crusher parts


We make a special hopper which can prevent the material from coming out of the crusher tank when the machine is working. Also the hopper is not high, it is easy for the people to feed the material inside.

The crusher tank is redesigned by our engineer with more efficiency blades, bigger crusher tank. 9 blades weld on one shaft, which is drive by the chain. The blade type is like the maneuver dart, high efficiency and low noise. All the blades are in a special angle between each other, this design can press the mater down into the screw barrel to increase the capacity.

After the crusher, the material will fall down into the barrel in small pieces ,then the material will be extruded by the screw. At the head of the barrel, there are two ceramic heaters to melt the material.

When the material comes out from the mould, it will fall down to a steel cube box with we will offer. Then you will get a cubic block of EPS, the density of the block can reach 500-600kg per cubic meter. One container can load more than 20 tons material.

This small machine is used for the supermarket, seafood market, hotels and casino. The customer buy the machine, and put the machine in different place and then the customer can collect the material in different place, then sell the material.

Technical Parameters:

Screw diameter

φ197 mm

Screw distance

150 mm

Screw speed

110 r/min



Screen hole diameter


Extrusion center height

326 mm

Motor power


Heating power

3 zones total 10kw

Crusher motor power


Crusher blades quatity

Twin screw 11sets+10sets

Crusher rotation speed


Size L×W×H



1400 Kg


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