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Expanded polystyrene melting production line
Expanded polystyrene melting production line

Expanded polystyrene melting production line

The foam hot melt recycling line of expanded polystyrene has four axis crushing knives, four parallel cutter axes, two blades are symmetrically fixed with blades, two blades on each cutter shaft are arranged in different directions, and the blades on each cutter shaft are evenly arranged on the cutter shaft in equal directions in the same direction, and the first blade and the blade of each knife shaft are 90 degrees angle.


Thus, when the four-axis crusher is driven by the driving motor and rotates in opposite direction, it forms a downward grip force, which makes the material move downward continuously, cuts through the blade, and then crushes into smaller pieces. Then the material is pumped into the big bin by the fan for storage, and then the material is pumped into the hot-melting machine by the fan when stored to a certain amount, and the material enters the main machine of the hot-melting machine and passes through. The main machine rotates at high speed, transfers crushed materials to conical and circular cylinders, heats the materials by ceramic heater, and then transfers the melted materials to the moulding square die. The material begins to cool down, and the square object is recovered from the die. According to the required length, the production process is completed by automatic cutting of the hydraulic cutting machine.


Recycled eps foam melt system

1.      the tilted feeding hopper is easy to put the eps material in, and the material won’t be pushed out during the crushing process.

The eps hot melting machine use twin shaft crushing blades, two parallel blade shafts symmetrically fixed with blade, the blade on the two blade shafts is dislocation arrangement, and the blade of each shaft is evenly arranged in the axis of the knife with arithmetic point of view in the same direction. The first blade and the last blade of each shaft has a 90degree angle.

2.      Four blade shaft, the rotating diameter of each shaft: 290mm

Two blade shaft, center distance: 250mm

Each blade shaft has 10blades (assembly for 90degree rotation)

Helical gear reducer motor power: 2.2KW*4

The rotating speed of each blade shaft: 110r/min

Screw diameter: 136-197mm

Screw speed: 150r/min

Capacity: 250-300kg/h

Extrusion center height: 600mm

Four heating zones, the first zone has two parts, the power of each part: 4kw, the power of the second zone: 4kw, the heating process temperature set by the user, automatic temperature control.

Motor power: 22kw

Heating power: 12kw







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