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EPS Compacting Recycling Line 200-300kg/h
EPS Compacting Recycling Line 200-300kg/h

EPS Compacting Recycling Line 200-300kg/h

The Description of EPS Compactor

1, Compaction System suitable for EPS EPP EPE XPS.

2, Application: COMPACTOR is used to compact the plastic waste like EPS EPP EPE XPS. The good reduction in volume can be achieved in this manner to save transport and disposal cost.

Compressed block can be reused as high quality granulates by recycling companies and other related manufacturers.

3, Processing Method: The operator throws plastic waste into hopper of the machine, and then the pre-breaker with two rotating knife shafts will crush it into 10~50mm pieces, which are forced by a screw into the pressure channel

4, Technical Characteristics:

The motor for pre-breaker and screw compactor: Gear reducer and Cyclonidal pinwheel reducer can be optional.

The compressed drive: Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrical motor can be optional.

The module design can meet the individual request.

Automatic pressing control device (optional).

The pressure channel is made of stainless steel instead of iron without leaving traces of rust (optional).

Automatic cut off if the machine runs empty(optional).

Switch cabinet has modern PLC and touch screen unit(optional).

It can be fed by hand, conveyor or silo.


The EPE/EPS foam cold press is a mechanical environmental protection equipment that compresses foam plastics according to the pressure generated by screw rotation. When used, the operator only needs to pour the foam into the hopper and crush the screw through the equipment crashing and crushing mechanism. After the screw mechanism is processed, the square foam compressing block is produced. Double reduction of foam volume and increase of density will facilitate foam recovery and utilization.

Features of EPE/EPS foam cold press equipment:

1. Non-toxic, odorless. Green environmental protection. -

2. cold compression type EPS briquetting machine, without heating, directly extruded and extruded EPS foam, refrigerator inner liner and PU foam cotton.

3. Compression ratio is large, which can reduce capacity by 50 times. Foamed cotton reduces capacity by 8 times

4. Saving storage space and transportation and storage costs

5. Compressed EPS material is easy to recycle.

6. The large-scale machine can operate synchronously with the conveyor belt to improve production efficiency.

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